I Want Love – To Love Myself

“I want someone to love me” or questioning, “Why doesn’t this person love me?” When really before wanting anyone’s love, we should be asking, “Do I love me”  I mean look at yourself in the mirror, and say it. “I love me”, how did that make you feel? Are you laughing, crying, smiling, believing, or only loving certain parts of you. Can you stand their and actually love every piece of you.

If not, then we have a problem. If you don’t love you, then do not expect anyone else to. My body is sexy, My favorite position is when I am standing, not moving, and slightly sucking my belly in..hehe! This is when I say, Hey mamas, (yes taking to myself), I say hey mamas you sure are sexy. 🙂 However, after having 5 children, my boobs expanding all the way to a K cup (yes there is such things as a K cup) and back down to maybe 34 C or 32 D, when I bent forward, when I am naked, my boobs wrinkle like raisins, oh, It is completely disgusting. I hate it, but I love it. It is still me, one day I might fix it, but they still feel so soft and squishy, lovely, when I touch them, and I would hate to lose that realness. Point being I know my flaws, I know them well, and I love them along with the rest of me. Now, I will never point any of my flaws out to someone (except my close girlfriends and I show them everything, and my mother), or bring attention to them, instead of bringing attention to my boobs while naked and in a presences of a man, I will direct their focus on my thighs and ass instead. My flaws are mine. I own them. I choose to flaunt what I’ve got!

Some things I do, and you should get comfortable with while creating yourself is, learn how to date yourself. How do you treat yourself? Women say it all the time, I want a man to do this and that for me. But sister girl, Do you do that for you? Do you get dressed in your best, to hang out with yourself?  Do you buy yourself flowers and treat yourself to the best cup of coffee, poached eggs, and buttermilk waffles, located in the next town over? Anything and everything you want someone to do for you, or anything you want to do for that person. Here is the secret, DO IT FOR YOURSELF FIRST. You know what men love more then anything… An Independent confident woman! You want a new coach purse, cool, Can you afford a coach purse? just saying, sounds like you need to find a higher paying job first.

I am serious, everything you want to do for someone else do for your self first, at least find a equal equivalent. Learn to court yourself, until you fall head over heel in love with your self. This might take longer for some them others, but that is part of the process, and until that happens do not date anyone. Fuck em, they will slow your process of building. This is call “the keeping busy,” just like when you break up with someone, and your forced to focus on you. Do this before the breakup, before the relationship. Do this, so breakups will still be done so in loving way. Do this so you know who you are becoming, do this so you know your destiny. Do this until you can look in the mirror and say, “Hey! I love me.”  Do you need to find your spirituality?, Do you need to fix your diet?, Do you need to go to the gym?, Do you need to work on your person hygiene?, Do you need to travel?, Go to music festivals?, how about taking some art classes, learning to dance, Maybe you need to learn how to fly on a trapeze?,  Do you need more education?, or Do you need to go to counseling?, Do have have mommy or daddy issues?, Other unresolved issues you have never dealt with?, everything you need to do, to make you a bad ass, then do that.

This means learn to find comfort in being alone. Your soul likes to sit with you, your soul doesn’t speak, but it does express itself, give it an outlet to speak with you, you have to learn to listen, learn to sit quietly, learn to say nothing, learn to think nothing, learn to wait and be patient.  Go hiking, sit by moving water, oceans, lake, or steams, (shoot, a freaking bathtub with bath bombs and candles) go where there is good wholesome energy, find a park, somewhere in nature where you can reground yourself, stay grounded so your not drifting through life with your feet never touching the ground.

And then you won’t need to have anyone else to love you, because you will already love yourself.


The Sun Goddess

Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved. The Sun Goddess;  “http://silencespeakscleary.com/


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